barrettes don’t matter, because boys have a what?

The following passage does a good job of teaching children the difference between males and females. I applaud the efforts these parents have made to teach their children the difference between boys and girls (hint: it isn’t gender). (Click on the documents to make them larger):

From Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender, page 214-216.

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4 Responses to barrettes don’t matter, because boys have a what?

  1. ehungerford says:

    Holy shit, that’s awesome. Thank you for sharing this, smash!!!

  2. smash says:

    Thanks 🙂

    BTW WordPress has now placed ads on my blog. I didn’t solicit these, and I don’t make money on them. They are automatically added if you don’t buy the upgrade.

  3. MarySunshine says:

    Hi Smash,

    I don’t see them because I use adblock for Firefox.

  4. doublevez says:

    “Everybody has a penis”. Blink. Obviously then, those that don’t NEED barrettes.

    I remember some fun stuff when my daughter was small (although I didn’t edit her story books). We mostly made up our own stories; she was always the star. It didn’t work so well in the real world. Our community had no soccer team, and of course she wanted to play soccer, so I enrolled her in a team/league about 30 mins drive away. The coach was a bit dubious, but since there was no girl’s team allowed she could try out, and he’d make sure there was no “monkey business” (?)

    First practice: he yelled at a small boy and sent him off the field, bellowing that if he was going to play like a girl, he’d be treated like a girl. We tried to over look that in our desperation to play the beautiful game. Next game, he lined the kids up and had them cup their gonads for the penalty shot or whatever it’s called in soccer. He told her she didn’t need to bother, but she didn’t know why she didn’t and wanted to be like the boys, so practices included the kids cupping their gonads. Boys, and girl.

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