On Sisterhood

There is a worldwide community of radical feminists.

We don’t always agree on issues, and we don’t always disagree respectfully. We’re not perfect ethical beings (or perfect feminists) all the time either. There are personality clashes, and there are frequently differences of priorities. Sometimes there are betrayals– big and small.

Given that, I’m still glad to be a part of this community. We all hate the patriarchal bulls’it that says our value is in our objecthood. We are infuriated when we see pimps masquerading to spread their woman hating propaganda. We recognize that male pattern violence serves to terrorize women into a state of Societal Stockholm Syndrome.

We are working towards the liberation of women.

The other night, I had a dream that I ran into one of the women I met at the Reboot. In the dream, we were both busy doing other things with our time, but once we saw each other we ran together and shared a giant hug.

Then we went about our days separately. The dream wasn’t really even about this person– it was simply a side note in a larger sequence. But in the dream, as I went about my business doing other things, it was so great to know that I was not alone. There was a sister nearby.

Some of us are geographically closer to one another than others. But what we do share– no matter the distance– is sisterhood.

We are part of a community, and I am extremely grateful for it.

Also, that reminds me. We have work to do.

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17 Responses to On Sisterhood

  1. MarySunshine says:

    So we do, so we do, have work to do.

    I admire and cherish all of us, every day.

    Thank you for this wise and loving post.

  2. emzyfemzy says:

    *sniff* tear..
    luv you smash

  3. Mar Iguana says:

    Thank you, smash, for your great reporting on Reboot. I really didn’t know what to expect and will always be so glad I went, mostly because it was such a pleasant surprise to see so many young women there who are so brilliant, such as yourself. Before Reboot, I’d been very discouraged by some of the directions feminism has gone in, but now I know the torch of radical feminism is carried by women who WILL make a difference.

    And thank you for this post. In Portland, one door did close for me because I was deemed an imperfect feminist, but other doors opened, in particular meeting two women I have long admired and am now building IRL friendship with. What a wonderful gift.

    • smash says:

      Hey Mar Iguana, thank you for your note. I am certainly an imperfect feminist myself, and I think we all are in various ways. The important thing is that we are all working together against male supremacy.

      I’m glad you made some real friendships in Portland– I certainly did. It is awesome to be a part of this movement!

    • doublevez says:

      Mar Iguana!! MAR IGUANA!!11!!!1!!!!!!!

      Where have you been all this time? I remember you from the tragedy that is IB*TP.

      So happy to see you’re still around, showing us how. xxxooo

      You have great dreams Smash!

  4. treepoet says:

    I read something some time back (sorry I don’t remember the title) about siblings fighting. It said that it is normal and helps their development. It doesn’t mean they hate each other, though they feel that way sometimes. I don’t know if that theory holds water but the idea stuck with me as having a grain of truth. Maybe applies to radfems, too.

    If you watched the (ugh) Republican convention (ugh) you saw a group that tries to have no conflict. Mainly all white males and white-male groomed females. That’s how those white males want it. Clueless and dangerous. A group that tries to murder anything that moves, anything that moves outside it.

    I’m grateful for this radfem community, though not a central part of it. It is a haven of sanity.

    The Golden Girls hug is sweet. Thanks.

    • smash says:

      Hey treepoet, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate all the points you made above. I never had a sister growing up, so you’ve given me something to think about.

    • ehungerford says:

      Very interesting point about sibling disagreements! I agree, they are healthy. We must learn how to deal with conflict productively and in a way that does not HURT the relationship every time it happens.

      • smash says:

        Great point. Conflict resolution skills are super important when building a movement. Some conflicts can’t be resolved, but in those cases it is important to respectfully disagree with our sisters.

  5. Thanks Smash. *big hugs*

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