Radfem Reboot 2012: Brief Words on Women Only Space

I am missing the sisters I have met at this radical feminist conference. The space we created was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We came together and shared, learned, reasoned, created, cried, and laughed. We discussed painful realities of male domination through prostitution and pornography, and we envisioned a future free from war and patriarchy. We created art, and laughed over delicious food. We danced into the night.

We do not need men. In fact, the world we created without them was better for their absence. Now that I’ve returned, it is as if I see my life now in black and white, as opposed to my time there, which I experienced in color. That is the extent of the difference that women-only space made for me.

Our work is powerful. Our meeting together to discuss the work that needs to be done, as well as creating a vision of the future we wish to create, is vital to achieving these goals.

We are part of a movement to fight for women’s liberation, and that movement is growing.

We will not be silenced.

We are not going away.

We are powerful.

About smash
Women's liberationist.

4 Responses to Radfem Reboot 2012: Brief Words on Women Only Space

  1. ethicalequinox says:

    Wow…this sounds beautiful – wish I could have been there! Is there any chance the presentations/topics/discussions will be posted in some form online for us to read?

  2. Heart says:

    Yes. It was an incredible weekend, the making of feminist herstory. ❤

  3. ThePerpetualMigration says:

    an auspicious beginning, certainly not an ending!
    much ❤ to you, dear sister!

  4. The Silverman says:

    We are not going away either and we are stronger.

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