Post-Feminist Society? I Think Not. On LoveRance and “Up!”


This song called “Up!” by LoveRance feat. 50 cent regularly on the radio.

Chorus repeats:

I beat the p*ssy up up up up up up up

Lyrics include these lines:

d*ck your girl down cuz i know she really need it
put it in your gut, tear that p*ssy up
tell me where it hurts spread them legs
And you know i ate the p*ssy cuz she light skin

It is jaw droppingly offensive.

Are we in a post feminist society? I think not, particularly with audio pornography like this on the radio. I’m not going to bother analyzing what is wrong with these amazingly misogynistic lyrics- you all know.

These are not just lyrics on a random rap album- this song is #9 on the Billboard Top 10. This propaganda receives a lot of attention- and not, from what I’ve seen, from a feminist perspective.

Sometimes I think ignoring this type of hateful anti-woman propaganda is best. It can be overwhelming to see how much women are hated and viewed as mere objects to be f’kd.

But then I hear folks claiming that women and men are equal, and that we don’t need feminism (folks in my real life, and of course MRAs).

Of course, we all know that’s BS. But perhaps it’s a good idea to keep track of virulent misogyny (and also, colorism in this example) to whip out when arguing against anti-feminists.

We’ve got work to do.

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19 Responses to Post-Feminist Society? I Think Not. On LoveRance and “Up!”

  1. Missfit says:

    ‘Are we in a post feminist society?’

    We are in a funfem society…

  2. ethicalequinox says:

    But Smash, surely you know that plain old “misogyny” doesn’t exist anymore! Completely disappeared in 1978! We just have to fight the kyriarchy and transmisogyny now, then utopia shall be men’s OOPS I mean *ours*, right?

    Yes, that those lyrics don’t cause an outcry from the public shows just how much shit women are expected to swallow in order to fulfill men’s occasionally subtle, usually blatant desire for dominating and destroying us. It’s so rampant that most don’t dare to call this shit what it is, either due to having a vested interest in it, or out of fear of the repercussions of *daring to have dignity while female*.

  3. Smash, I agree. More of us need to do radfem movie, tv and music reviews. A constant stream of them.

    Pop culture is *everywhere*, its messages are ubiquitous, and it is probably THE most influential social force. I think this is a very important thing for us to do. I am in.

  4. ibleedpurple says:

    And you know i ate the p*ssy cuz she light skin

    …Dark-skinned women are too unattractive?

  5. smash says:

    It has moved up to #7

  6. aliyah16gurl says:

    Seriously grotesque. My brother used to listen to 50 Cent and it was a misogynistic nightmare. Ill just continue to listen to my personal iPod to avoid mainstream garbage.

    • smash says:

      I agree that it’s best not to listen. But I think beyond that, we need to know what is being produced, and listened to, and is climbing the charts. This is what kids hear when they turn on the radio! So very sad.

  7. tiamathydra says:

    I swear to Goddess I’ve seen girls and young women in clubs or in their cars or whatever, singing and dancing extremely misogynistic songs passionately and pretending to be having a good time (not this song in particular, but songs where the best a woman is called is ”whore”, for example), and doing emphasis in the misogynistic words etc. And no, they were not being ‘ironic’, they were just trying to have a good time and thought misogyny was cool.
    Trying to cock-please? Self-hatred? Male-identification? I have no clue. I’m incapable of that, if there’s a misogynistic song playing I go to tbe bathroom or even step out of the nightclub for a while or whatever. It remains a mystery for me, this sick capitulation that leads nowhere.

    I was also friends with a guy who was a metalhead and we were discussing Manowar an extremely misogynistic 80s metal band and they’ve a song called ”Pleasure slave” or something like that which starts with ”woman be my slave”, and this guy was trying to mansplain to me that the lyrics were about ”persons” and sexual roles can be taken by ”persons”. Apparently, the word WOMAN tied to ”slave” in a song about sex didn’t mean anything, it was just an incident.
    I’m so fed up with po-mo shit and ”universalism”, 99% of the times, the ”persons” being dehumanized and mistreated are FEMALE, in ways specifically reserved to their FEMALE condition and their political status.

    I guess it’s very hard to realize how hated you are for existing, but we’re back at the basics: if you ignore a problem how on Earth are you going to solve it!? Not with ”empowerfulizment” and ”positive thinking”, clearly.

    • ibleedpurple says:

      OMG, Manowar! Was totally into them when I was but a wee metalhead because my sister copied their albums on cassette for me. Your (ex?)-friend is totally wrong when it comes to that song. Joey (Manowar bassist) actually mansplained in an interview that the women were overjoyed to be “pleasure slaves” because they inhabit a planet where the men are in the numerical minority and most of the time missing due to war. So the women totally “consent” to being willing sex slaves out of neglect! (I have no idea how this fits into the first line of the song but men have superior logic skillz not comparable to our puny female brainz.)

      • tiamathydra says:

        Yes, we’re ex-friends now because I simply stopped talking to him, he thought he was totally anti-system and revolutionary but was full of misogynistic crap and not only because of this so when I got tired of hearing him talk about women and about me in a completely empornulated way I dumped him, no loss at all (oh, comes to mind that once while talking about feminism he said in all his revolutionary dissidence ”feminism has been necessary and it’s great that it succeeded on so many levels but nowadays it seems like you have to apologize for being a man and it takes balls not to do it, but I have balls!”) gosh I’m so tired of supposedly left-wing anti-system male dissidents who think they’re totally anti-fascist but are also against the liberation of women, what a joke.
        I was also a metalhead but not into this band, even though I know a lot about them thanks to my ex friend the ‘anti-system’ dood, the main theme of that band if I’m not wrong is masculinity/homoeroticism/necrophilia (the songs are all about war, warriors, raping women, fucking whores, fucking teenagers and so on) so it must have a big male fanbase full of MRAs. I remember an interview where the singer was asked to justify himself for the accusations of misogyny since they used to brag a lot about their use of groupies around the world (ugh) and he said they’re not misogynists and they loved women because they gave them money in exchange for sex so that the ”chicks” could buy clothes and do their hair! But hey, if a man says he’s not a misogynist it’s true because everything a man says is absolute truth. And LOL about that mansplanation, as always men surprise me with their stunning intellect and their profound knowledge of women.

      • Nomen Omen says:

        It makes no sense.
        I´ve always seen that song as BDSM thing.
        And Joey DeMaio is the biggest liar in metal world, always contradicting himself, making fools of his own fans.
        I like Manowar music but I don´t like their attitude and the way they treat their fans.

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