Gender Identity

“I-dentity (aka trans) politics is fundamentally LIBERTARIAN. It is ahistorical and acontextual. It essentializes sex stereotypes by renaming them consensual “gender identities.” It invisibilizes power structures that give rise to female oppression. It is anti-feminist.” — Bess Hungerford

Via UP, also posted by Sargasso Sea, Lishra, Gallus Mag, No Anodyne, Cathy Brennan, Lucky, audaxille, gorrilerof4b, saltnpeppa, iameatingblueberries, Allecto, Squirrel, EasilyRiled, zeph , and Sex Matters.

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10 Responses to Gender Identity

  1. delphyne says:

    Repeat until the people who want to steal radical feminism finally understand.

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  4. ybawife says:

    Imagine a trans-women gets legal protection from those perpetrating hate crimes but daily sexual and violent crimes against FAAB womon are not even considered a hate crime…they are deemed ‘normal’
    How bent has the patriarchy become to please the boyz in dresses??????

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  6. Hecuba says:

    Excellent Smash because trans politics is not feminist it is male supremacy but neatly hidden. Remember we all live in a male supremacist system and that is why male domination over women is deemed to be ‘natural and unchanging!’

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  10. smash says:

    I really like how No Anodyne breaks this down here

    Thanks to all for your solidarity.

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