Feminist Friendly Culture- Potpourri Edition

As I’ve mentioned, there is a severe lack of feminist-friendly culture available. That’s why, from time to time, I’ll recommend some media that is not soaked in misogyny.

Today’s entries are from various artists. I’m not claiming that everything these artists produce is feminist-friendly. Indeed– it is difficult to find artists that meet my standards for this series. As a reminder, I’ll mention my three criteria:

1. Zero misogyny is present in the work.
2. The artist(s) is/are female.
3. Relationships with men are not the sole/main focus of the cultural offering.

Without further ado, please check out these feminist-friendly songs.

From Sarah Harmer

“Oleander” (about growing a flower)

“Lodestar” (taking the boat out at night)

“Escarpment Blues” (save the land!)

Sarah Harmer is just an overall excellent Canadian musician. I can’t say that all of her music is feminist-friendly, but I love her.

From Butterfly Boucher

“Another White Dash” (song about road-tripping away from home)

“Life is Short” (Rather cliche, but still fun)

From Jesca Hoop

“Big Fish” (about leaving town)

“Money” (about selling out- the video is kind of strange)

K T Tunstall

“Push That Knot Away” (about fighting fear)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these recommendations. Feel free to make your own in the comments section.

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Women's liberationist.

3 Responses to Feminist Friendly Culture- Potpourri Edition

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    Didn’t have time to watch all of them Smash but I sure did like the KT K sound.

    I offer one of my all-time favorites! It’s punk and it’s ANGRY! from the film Prey For Rock and Roll by the *fake* band Clam Dandy. This is the song I listen to to psych myself to deal with my *father-in-law* and various other MRAs 🙂

  2. The Kid says:

    Xandria- Sisters of the light. Female singer, male band members.(Does that count?)

    Katzenjammer- All their work. All female.

    Tati Kalveks- At least B.I.G Breasts. Making fun of relationships with men. Kind of.

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