Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain

I saw this documentary over the weekend. I thought it was going to be an anti-plastic surgery doc, but it turns out to be a pro-beauty mandate doc. Despite having been actively thinking about the issues raised in it, I found it affecting my own self esteem.

You can find the trailer here.

Perhaps I should have known better. The trailer, as I see it, seems to set up the absurdity of mutilating one’s own body with surgery in order to fit an impossible body standard. Although the doc does contain some anti-beauty mandate commentary, it is for the most part an endorsement of botox and plastic surgery.

I’m getting those under-eye lines, and smile lines. I think I look older than I am. YET the reason I focus on these small, totally inconsequential details of my appearance is because I’ve been fed falsehoods that contradict my inner sense of well-being. I’ve learned not to trust my insides when they tell me that these tiny external signs simply point to the fact that I AM ALIVE, and do not say anything negative about me.

In Mary Daly’s Pure Lust, she talks about the effects of sadosociety on women.

“Women who have been thingified, deprived of conscious participation in Be-ing, have trouble believing in the sanctity of women’s “insides”– both their own and those of other women. This doubt extends to spirit, personalty, Self. Within sadosociety this doubt applies first to a woman’s own participation in Be-ing. It extends to the be-ing of all women. Thus the disorder which I shall call *masosadism* is injected into women. To the extent that this injection “takes”, a woman is rendered incapable of moral outrage on her own behalf *as a woman* and on behalf of the race of women. Her outrage has been expropriated. She may experience and be informed about atrocities against women, and yet she is unable to feel sustained rage against the perpetrators of the atrocities, and incapable of acting against the men who are the originators, rulers, and controlling legitimators of the sadostate. Masosadism, then, fixes women.” p60-61

As I say in this comment, “The deprogramming of women who have been so altered is one of the goals of radfeminism (as I see it).”

I’m working on deprogramming myself, and sharing the experience with my sisters. That’s what radical blogs and books and articles are for. The sadosociety is slippery though, and it’s easy to get confused. Also, its messages have become so ingrained that for some it’s a constant struggle to abandon them. At least we’re naming it though. That is a start.

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8 Responses to sadosociety

  1. radfemcrafts says:

    Great post, smash! I’m writing a post right now about exactly this:

    To the extent that this injection “takes”, a woman is rendered incapable of moral outrage on her own behalf *as a woman* and on behalf of the race of women.


  2. The Masked Lily says:

    Oh my gosh that made me sad
    That girl, 20.. three years younger than me.. thinks she’s already old.
    That “expiry date as a woman” shit

  3. The Masked Lily says:

    The older women who can’t see themselves as beautiful or worthwhile or valuable.. The idiot men telling them as much.. makes me want to cry and/or scream.

  4. smash says:

    Yes, Lily, it is a very sad doc. I want to deprogram them all (well, all the women).

  5. Hecuba says:

    Yes that is exactly how male supremacy and its brother capitalism operates by endless propaganda short films/articles/pseudo science all proclaiming that a woman’s worth lies in being preferably pre-pubertal and never ever shows any sign of independent thinking or challenge to men and male supremacy.

    But I also agree these endless misogynistic messages are very hard to rid oneself of because females as soon as they are born are bombarded with messages that their value lies in being ‘pretty and non-threatening to the male supremacist system.’ Are men ever told they have too many lines when they are in their 20s; 30s 40s or even horrors 60s – of course not because as men age so they supposedly gain in wisdom (cough cough) whereas women are perceived as expendible when they reach the grand old age of 22 years of age.

    Not forgetting cosmetic surgeons (the mutilation industry) makes huge sums of money by subjecting women to mutilating surgery and botox is another damaging drug. It erases a woman’s facial character because she is no longer able to smile or frown but can only display one placid expression and of course that expression does not threaten men or male supremacy.

    • smash says:

      Hecuba, great points. I especially appreciate your bringing up the financial aspect of this propaganda. Not only do the docs slice us open and remove our flesh– they also remove our money from our wallets in the process. If you watch the entire doc, you’ll see a woman who gets “addicted” to surgery, and who sees every little line on her face as a place where change is necessary. It’s terrifying.

      Also, obsessing about one’s appearance is a huge waste of energy that the patriarchy steals from women. If we had that energy back, imagine what we could accomplish.

      Thanks to all for your comments.

  6. The Masked Lily says:

    What if.. “I’m technically 53 but I feel and look 18, so I guess I really am 18, despite my years of experience living and the actual age of my body.. I’m trans-aged”..

    If the technology went that far..

    Would it gain acceptance or be seen as ridiculous as the “transabled”? I mean, all trans-thinking is pretty ridiculous but at least most people can see through those guys

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