Men in Women’s Spaces aka “I Enjoy Being a Dick”

I watch silly sitcoms from my youth. This is a pretty cheap hobby these days, since many of them are available on Netflix instant.

Anyway, one of my favorites is Third Rock from the Sun. It’s a stupid show, but it entertains me.

I had forgotten about this episode though.

Season 1, episode 15 is entitled “I Enjoy Being a Dick”. It’s about a male character’s desire to infiltrate women’s spaces.

In it, Dick walks into the office to find his girlfriend Mary and her secretary Nina sharing girl talk.

Dick feels so left out of their conversation! He also can’t stand the fact that they have a women’s lecture to attend. Check out the video at 3:27

“Can I come too!?” Dick asks about the lecture.

“Does everything have to involve you?” Mary replies.

“In a perfect world, yes!” says Dick, “I’ll be very quiet; you won’t even know I’m there.”

Mary protests, “I think a man’s presence would be inhibiting.”

Dick screams back, “I said YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW I’M THERE!”

Mary still stands her ground though, and won’t let him manipulate or bully his way in.

Later in the episode, we see the women’s study group. Guess who has arrived, in drag? Check out the video at 2:16

Not only does Dick show up wearing women’s clothes, but he begins to take over the meeting and make it all about his needs, discussing how much his feelings are hurt for not having been invited in the first place.

“Why do women have to close themselves off,” he protests. He can’t understand that we might need some space to ourselves, or want to spend our energy on something other than men. Then he proceeds to grab Mary and forcefully kiss her. Boundaries? Violated!

Clearly, men are upset that women might want our own spaces. They don’t like it, and they want to be invited. If they can’t bully or manipulate their way in, they’ll try the stealth method.

We need to stand our ground. I find it interesting that the title of this episode is “I Enjoy Being a Dick”, because that is, in fact, exactly what is going on here.

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5 Responses to Men in Women’s Spaces aka “I Enjoy Being a Dick”

  1. Ahhhh, fantastic! This episode is too accurate & meaningful to be a coincidence.

    I was wondering if this episode was written by women, so I looked it up and it turns out it was written by two women and one man – Bonnie Turner and Christine Zander being the women.

  2. smash says:

    You’re right- it is too perfect! Thanks for looking that up. I am so not surprised.

  3. DaveSquirrel says:

    I actually enjoy the series. There are many feminist issues that are brought up throughout, more than I have seen in any other series actually.

    Sally’s character is the best, and most of these are brought up in her ‘voice’:
    “Why do I get to be the woman” (Dick’s answer: “You lost”)
    “Yet another perk of being The Woman” etc.

    Certainly the “I Enjoy Being a Dick” episode lives up to its name on many levels, particularly about not respecting female boundaries/spaces. The writing is generally on many levels, with multi-faceted characters and flaws, and is interesting. There are many varieties of comedy style too. Re-watching the series, the characters, plotlines, are quite well-developed even in the early episodes. There did seem to be a four or six month break between the first and second episodes, so the first ep was very good for a pilot (if you rewatch it, watch for the major set changes between eps 1 & 2, both office and loft, as well as Tommy growing a few inches in height).

    Anyway yes, the Dick character was true to form, being an obnoxious narcissist.
    Sally’s character flaw is the shoe obsession. Dammit, as a warrior, why the hell would she even consider heels?

  4. Hecuba says:

    Fact masquerading as fiction and yet it tells the truth about male dominance over women. Remember women whenever men are not present you are always ‘alone’ even if you are in the company of other women – you are ‘alone’ meaning non presence of males = no human of value present.

    This video should be mandatory viewing for all those women who believe women only spaces are discriminatory to men – but one video doth not change male-centric myths.

  5. Jennie says:

    I am a member of the National Organization for Women Nyc Chapter. The last meeting I went to made me highly annoyed. There were about four gay men present who tried to dominate the discussion and no one seemed to care. In the beginning of the meeting some lady said something about “men are our allies too” or some shit. Yeah-I am sure men say the same thing about women in their meetings and don’t mind if women are present. The next NOW meeting that they were doing was all about men but I forgot the title exactly. That really pissed me off. I haven’t gone back since. I think I am too radical for regular feminist meetings. I have been to other “feminist” meetings in which men were present as well. It makes my blood boil! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I am sure Muslims (for example just looove inviting ladies to their meetings-RIGHT?!) How, as women can we feel safe in sharing intimate stories if there are men around? the answer is we can’t but we have been socialized to think that we can.

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