Feminist Friendly Culture: Mary Lou Williams

Mary Lou Williams is an amazing jazz pianist who is the latest entry into my series Feminist Friendly Culture.

(photo from here)

Occasionally, her songs do discuss relationships with men (as the jazz/blues genere she worked within frequently do). For this reason, she doesn’t 100% meet the requirements for my series (see here for the requirements). However, the bulk of her work is instrumental, so I have decided that she passes the feminist-friendly test.

This funky, toe-tapping music is perfect for background music, or for chilling out on the patio.

Her talent is tangible! As quoted by her biographer, MLW said of her own life, “I did it, didn’t I? Through muck and mud.” (Dahl, Linda. Morning Glory: A Biography of Mary Lou Williams (2001), page 379) What a great thing to be able to say about one’s own life!

I could listen to this stuff all.day.

Enjoy, ladies!

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2 Responses to Feminist Friendly Culture: Mary Lou Williams

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    Listened to these yesterday and they were lovely. Thank you!

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