Introducing a New Series: Femininst-Friendly Culture

We are surrounded by the muck of women-hating, anti-female media, art, and culture.

From Lolita to Rolling Stone magazine to nearly every sitcom ever made— we could easily drown in it.

Women-identified women have few choices when it comes to entertainment options that are consistent with our values, and have even fewer choices that actually celebrate women-centered life.

That is why I have started this series. I’m attempting to find some women’s culture that we can harness for purposes of joyful resistance. I don’t always want to be responding to the negativity and misogyny in our culture. I want alternative positive culture of our own.

I’d like to run artists, authors, and others through the below test, and in some cases I’ll just use particular art pieces such as songs, novels, albums, etc.

I’ve got three requirements for entries into my series. As I continue, these requirements may change. But for now, they are:

1. Zero misogyny is present in the work.
2. The artist(s) is/are female.
3. Relationships with men are not the sole/main focus of the cultural offering.

Without further ado, I give you the first entry to this series:

Dar Williams

Dar Williams is a self described feminist who takes up feminist and women-centered issues through her music such as

aging in a youth-obsessed culture,

female role models,

and the strict gender constraints placed on little girls today, to name a few.

Below, find her song “Cool as I Am” with the memorable mantra: I will not be afraid of women

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4 Responses to Introducing a New Series: Femininst-Friendly Culture

  1. The Babysitter’s Here and When I was a Boy are my two favorite Dar songs! 🙂

  2. smash says:

    I’ve just discovered her, and she is great!

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